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Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation 2020

How has panic buying altered supermarket supply chains forever?? Our Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation special report, published in The Times, explores the upheaval of global supply chains, how procurement tech can help procurement professionals, and the cyber vulnerabilities for hackers during the crisis. It examines why emotional intelligence matters in supply chain management for building better relationships with customers and suppliers. The featured infographic looks at the benefits of supply chain automation, highlighting that the majority of companies are still behind the curve in adoption.

In this report

  • Procurement tech

    Procurement tech to help weather the storm

    Global supply chains, just-in-time policies and the continual juggling act required to cut costs while maintaining quality: the life of the procurement professional was never straightforward. But it’s hard to imagine a bigger shock to the system than a global lockdown. Thankfully, technology can mitigate the negative impact of this crisis, and the next...

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