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Business Risk 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has sharpened consumer attitudes towards poor corporate behaviour, which could make or break brands in times of crisis. Our Business Risk special report, published in The Sunday Times, explores why your brand matters more than ever, how to stop an employee exodus post-crisis, and why now is the time to double down on digital transformation. It features a virtual roundtable with experts discussing how COVID-19 changed the way businesses think about the risks of climate change. It also features an infographic exploring eight ways COVID-19 has affected risk, from supply chain troubles to leadership issues

In this report

  • Is contingency planning worth it?

    The ability of companies to think disruptively and ruthlessly prioritise may just see them through the current coronavirus crisis. But when you can’t predict the unpredictable, it raises the question: is contingency planning worthwhile?

  • Building a culture of resilience

    Purpose, people and process are key to weathering disruption and these three business pillars will support organisations through the coronavirus pandemic

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