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About Us

In an increasingly noisy world, Raconteur Publishing exists to challenge and inspire decision makers on the topics that matter, helping them make better business decisions.

While many traditional publishers have struggled to stay relevant in a digitised world, Raconteur Publishing has gone from strength to strength - doubling our headcount and revenue across the last few years, and tripling our profitability.

So what’s the secret to our success? Well, we know that capturing the attention of the business elite is becoming increasing difficult, but doing so is part of our DNA. It’s entrenched in our company values, processes and outputs. 

Unlike other publishers, who often try and cut corners to produce short-term commercial gains, we believe that the audience must always come first. As such, we invest heavily into our editorial products, as we know that focused, high-quality content which is expertly produced and beautifully designed will always hold huge value to senior business decision makers.

From printed reports in The Times and The Sunday Times, to digital publishing and demand generation solutions, Raconteur Publishing helps B2B brands stand out as thought leaders, differentiate themselves from the competition and deliver results.